For over 5 years, Automation Pro has been supplying automation implementation services to major material handling manufacturers and system integrators worldwide. Our staff collectively has over a century of automation experience. Our services consist of superior quality systems and controls engineering, installation and support services to the OEM or end user.

Our core business model is simple. To provide the highest quality controls, integration value and attention to detail from concept to completion. We also offer contractual support services, including electrical installation, mechanical installation and equipment maintenance.


  • Automation Pro is committed to assisting and educating our customers in growing and achieving better results for their business by providing best in class industrial solutions, technology, and equipment.

  • We are a one-stop, full-service, engineering resource for industrial automation solutions. We offer custom controls, integration, and process design services for the materials handling, manufacturing, and distribution industries.

  • Our experience, passion and proven track record for solving even the most perplexing production challenges have established us as their partner of choice when the best result is the only option. We have become the authoritative voice of experience they listen to. One reason for that is how well we listen to our customers; understanding their needs and the results they require. Again and again, our customers call on us as their partner of choice.