Rapid advances in technology often outpace older systems, making them difficult to support and maintain even when the mechanical aspects are still functioning perfectly. Automation Pro is able to seamlessly bring the software of your system into the 21st century, greatly improving the useful life of your existing machinery – for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Our specialties include:

Automated Storage Equipment Upgrades

• Diamond Phoenix Parker Acroloop ACR1200, ACR2000, and ACR8010 with standard PLC's
• Sencorp/White Horizontal Carousels
• Kardex/Remstar Vertical Carousels
• Custom ASRS mechanical re-tooling, and controls replacements

Manufacturing Equipment Upgrades

• New product additions or changes
• Addition of quality control systems (vision inspection, reject handling, etc.)


Keeping your employees safe is critical to your business, reputation, and bottom line. We offer not only the hard guarding panels, but integration services into your existing safety circuit, with updated, modern controls.

We have worked with ABB Jokab, Allen-Bradley, Omron, and other leading brands with great success. We will work alongside you to develop a modern system with updated controls that best suits your needs and the needs of your company.

A safety upgrade project typically:

• Begins with a site visit where we gather information about the application pertinent to safety (hazards / risks, exposure, dimensions).
• We will then provide a 3D engineered fencing design, and review it with you.
• With your approval, we assemble the guarding, and ship it to your site for self-installation, or install it for you.


The benefits of a modern & automated workplace are multifaceted – increased productivity, reduced operating cost and accidents, improvements in quality, elimination of waste, and overall, a more flexible manufacturing process. Bringing our experience to bear, we can help you recognize how your business can best capture these benefits. Then, from initial planning to final implementation, we will work with you and your team every step of the way.

We have experience in:

• Assembly
• Pick and Place
• 2D and 3D Vision Inspection (defect detection, measurement, OCR)
• Pressing / Forming
• Robotics
• Motion : Servo / Stepper / VFD
• Packaging
• Conveyor
• Part Tracability (RFID & Barcode Technologies)

We currently service the following industries:

• Automotive
• Life Sciences
• Technology
• Government
• Military
• Consumer Products
• Aerospace
• Food/Beverage


A well implemented automation system with the proper conveyor, sortation equipment, and controls can enable today’s high volume distribution and shipping operations to double efficiency, without increasing its labor force. In the past, warehousing racks used to be simple constructions, small in size and low in height.

Today, we look for every way possible to make the most of the storage space. By using advanced logistic solutions, we keep logistic costs and total storage costs down to a minimum. Our customers commonly see warehouse productivity double while cutting space requirements and energy consumption in half.

Automation Pro can fully assess your needs and provide expert assistance in all aspects of material movement, from receiving through storage and order processing, to sortation, packing and shipping.

We are specialist in:

• ePIK™
• Aisle Cranes
• CCS4 Replacements
• Maxtractor (Diamond Phoenix Legacy Equipment)
• Vertical Carousel (VC)
• Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)
• Horizontal Carousel (HOCA)
• Movable Racking (MOVO)